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How To Make Money Building and Selling Ecommerce Stores – A Complete Guide


When it comes to making money online, many if not most people fail. At the end of the day, if it was that easy, then everyone would be working online right? Well, there are many ways you can make legitimate income online, just like your normal offline work. What I am talking about here is making Shopify ecommerce stores and selling them for a profit. However, it is not an overnight get rich quick scheme. It takes time, commitment, perseverance and patience.

What is Shopify and How to Build My Store?

Ok so what is Shopify? That is a valid question. Well, Shopify is an ecommerce company, which allows you to build your own online store and sell your products to customers around the world. Mind you, Shopify is not just the ecommerce platform there are others as well, however I personally prefer Shopify due to its ease of use and customer-friendly interface. First you need to make a Shopify store so sign up at Shopify here.

You have 14 days free trial, so your aim should be to finish building your shop in that time, then put it on sale by the time your free trial ends. You will only be charged by Shopify from the date your free trial ends, so your aim should be to get your shop sold in 1 months time after the free trial ends, so that you only end up paying one months Shopify fee. Got it? After entering your email, password and giving your store a name, click create store. Once you go through few more of the steps, then you are ready to build your store.

Now click on ‘online store’ on the left panel, now you can click on ‘free themes’ at the bottom of the page to choose a theme you like. However personally i don’t use free themes as they are basic. There is nothing wrong with basic theme but when you are building a shop to sell it people as fast as you can, i like to make it eye catchy, so i always try and buy a theme which has a lot of features. For example, you can have a look at the shop i made on Shopify and sold for approximately $800. I know it is not a lot but then again it was my first ever shop sale! So back to the point, if you like to purchase a theme for your shop, then i recommend themeforest. I have always used them to buy my themes and it has always been good. Once you have purchased a theme there, you can go to downloads from the dropdown menu underneath your username on the top left, where you can see all your purchased your theme. Then all you have to do is download your theme to your desktop.

Once your theme is download onto the desktop, then you have to upload this theme onto your Shopify store. To do that just like before, click on online store on the left panel, then click on ‘upload theme’ shown under ‘More themes’. Once the theme is uploaded, then publish the theme, after that you are free to customise to the full capabilities of the theme you purchased. Once again, you don’t need to purchase a theme if you don’t have money, just choose a free theme but it would limit the customisation, thats all.

Where do I get the products to sell?

Well, this is the most important part. Before you can sell your shop, people need a reason to buy a store from you so where do you find products? Well, if you were making a shop for yourself then i would have suggested you to find your own products form your local area with good profit margin or sell your products. However since you will be selling this shop for a quick buck, we will be using whats called dropshipping. So dropshipping is basically defined as providing the products or goods direct from the manufacturer or supplier to the customer, you will be just a middle man. Got it? Ok, so where do you get the suppliers from? Aliexpress is the best to use for dropshipping, they are just like Amazon. Their customer service is excellent and just in case your product is not delivered to your customer within the time frame they stated, then you get full refund. The only downside with Aliexpress is the shipping time, the average shipping time is 2 to 4 weeks but its free shipping.

You can choose any products you like from Aliexpress and list it on Shopify using an app called Oberlo. Oberlo allow you to add thousands of products from Aliexpress to your Shopify online store easily. To use oberlo, all you have to do is sign into your shopify dashboard. Click on Apps on the left side, then select Oberlo from there, Once Oberlo is installed, then go to google chrome and install the oberlo extension which allows you to import the product you want to your shopify store with just a click on the icon on your chrome bar. So to import product, just go to the product page on Aliexpress, then click on this icon, the product will be automatically imported to your store.

So once you have listed the specific products that is in your shop niche, then you are ready to sell it to someone as soon as you can, but where do you begin?




How to sell your ecommerce store online?

There are a number of platforms you can use to sell your shops but the most popular one and the one i have been using is Flippa. Flippa is a platform for buying and selling websites. Once you have signed up at flippa, you can list your shop for sale by Auction with a ‘Buy It Now’ option too. You have the option to select how long you want the auction to be up for, i normally choose 14 days to 30 days as my aim is to sell the store in a months time. To list on Flippa once you signed up, make sure you verify your details, then head over to ‘Start selling’ on the top left corner and list your shop with a nice title and a full descrption. Have a look around the shops already listed there to get an idea of what to write in the description. Rmember you have to be as descriptive as you possibly can to avoid any doubts in the mind of potential buyers. If your shop made any sales, then make sure to include that also. Remember, you have to pay to list your site on Flippa and its around $14 to lsit a website if i remember correctly but make sure you check it. If your website is sold, then you have pay a 15% success fee too, which i believe is a little high and these are some of the cons i think about Flippa.

So now overall you have an idea of how to make an ecommerce shop from scratch and list it for sale to make some fairly good profit. However rememeber this, you can always grow your site for many months and make some sale before you even consider selling it, because then your shop will have more value and you will make more profit. The first shop i sold, i grew the shop on social media such as instagram, facebook and twitter. I grew the store myself for almost 3 months before selling it. The social media presence and some of the sales the shop made within that time, attracted more buyers and got it sold fairly faster. So i would highly suggest you put in some serious effort to grow your shop and then sell it for some great profit. Also, remember to consider all the expenses when dieciding your selling price. In total, you would have to pay for Shopify ($29 monthly), Domain (around $10 per year possibly), Listing fee on Flippa (approx $14), Optional – Theme (approx $40- $50). Also, if you think the theme cost too much, then remember you can always reuse the same theme on new shops you make and sell, so it would be worth it in the long term. I hope this was a thorough guide for all of you to understand more about building and selling your ecommerce store to earn some nice profit!

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